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ATP Toyota Starter Rebuilt Kit with Solenoid / Repair Kit 28100-28070

ATP Toyota Starter Rebuilt Kit with Solenoid / Repair Kit-28100-28071-28070

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Advance Truck Parts WRK1100 Toyota PMGR Rebuilt / Repair Kit for 28100-0A010 with Solenoid


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  • Specifically designed to repair rebuilt Toyota Starters Original Units.  The kits will repair the internal worn out components to provide your Japanese Starter continue performance.  
  • The Original Toyota Starter is a durable starter and repairing it will provide you a longer life for the starter. 
  • The kit includes back-cover, drive, screws, nuts, snap rings, and brushes


  • Repair kit for the following Toyota Starters:   28100-0A010, 28100-0A010-84, 28100-0A011, 28100-0A011-84, 28100-0H090, 28100-0H091, 28100-0H091-84, 28100-0V010, 28100-0V011, 28100-0V012, 28100-20020, 28100-20020-84, 28100-20021, 28100-20022, 28100-28040, 28100-28041, 28100-28041-84, 28100-28060, 28100-28070, 28100-28071, 28100-28072
  • Years 2002-2019

    Kit Includes

             Solenoid, brushes, Cover, and hardware as picture.  

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